Only a few short years ago, who would have ever imagined, that inshore anglers would be fishing for Redfish in a professional format. The idea, formulated from a love of fishing, continues to grow and provide inshore anglers an opportunity to display their talents on the intercoastal waterways.
Not only is there a renewed excitement of inshore angling, but the Redfish Tour is also a great format to educate people on the importance of maintaining our precious fishing resources. Since the banning of netting, our inshore fisheries have flourished much quicker than anyone could have imagined. From this, the Inshore Fishing Association was formed and continues to thrive. In accordance to Inshore Fishing Association’s mission statement; we will keep our goals of competition, recognition, and education as the center of our focus.

We are dedicated to providing an avenue for the talented anglers of the Redfish Tour to excel in the world of competitive Professional fishing.

Jim Armstrong- President
Tour Personnel

Jim Armstrong- President
Mr. Armstrong is a dedicated angler who enjoys the challenge of creating an opportunity that promotes an atmosphere of fishing excitement, in a format, made for T.V. As an integral part of the development and growth of the well known Southern Kingfish Association, Mr. Armstrong’s experience brings a level of credibility exceeding all expectations for a new organization.

Arthur Allison- Tournament Director
Mr. Allison, after many years of marine manufacturing, retail wholesale and tournament promoter, serves as Tournament Director.

Mark Hodges- Louisiana Tournament Director
Mr. Hodges serves as Louisiana Tournament Director and can be reached at 504-913-6275.

Barbara Armstrong- Treasurer

The entire staff of the Inshore Fishing Assoc. will be happy to answer any of your questions at any time. We are excited about the opportunity to build a tremendous organization with our members. Thank you for being a part of this new beginning.

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